Our Vision

To enhance and improve refugees living standard though provision quality education, sexual & reproductive Health, sport and livelihood in Kakuma refugee camp..

Our Mision

Provision of quality trainings that could empower refugees and host in financial, social, gender equality and health issues.


Adult and youth training to ensure participants gain basic understanding of commonly used language and arithmetic skills to support livelihoods.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Behavioural Change Communication (BCC), awareness and sensitization, guidance and counselling, distribution of Information Education and Communication materials, HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing and community outreaches program basically for adolescent youths to avoid contraction of sexually transmitted infections and early pregnancy.

Livelihoods & Entrepreneurship

Conducting of entrepreneurships sessions with youths to equip them with entrepreneurial skills and business skills and that can help them to generate an additions income that can enable them to support their families here in the camp and even back at their countries of origin.


This is done through sport activities and hosting of sport days for both people with disabilities and with those without disabilities. This is done to enhance societal integration and inclusivity among refugees and through this equality and coexist is attain among refugees’.


The Initiative for Nurturing Vulnerable & Empowerment for Resilience(INVER) is a refugee-led and oriented Community Based Organization(CBO) established in 2018. INVER seeks to promote the resilience and psycho-social well-being of refugees in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya through program focusing on enterprise development, Adult literacy, sexual and reproductive health, sports and social cohesion.

Our Staff

The following drive the organisation driven and motivated by our CORE VALUES of:
  • Transparency
  • Team Work
  • Accountability
  • Respect